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Lounge-tek works for your comfort, since 2007.

made in ethicsIn 2007, was looking for a Laptop support, but we didn’t found nothing …. why don’t to produce one, following our specs?
We meet some skilled artisans in Veneto furniture district… et voilà Lounge-tek and his new approach to customers by e-commerce.
We created Lounge-book a fully adjustable Laptop support easy to use with a strange design never seen before.
A Stylist, defined our support “Alien”… but after thousands of satisfied customer, we could simply mention our master Achille Castiglioni : “Good design projects never originate from the ambition to leave one’s own mark, but from one’s willingness to build a relationship with the unknown end-user.”
Achille Castiglioni didn’t known the web opportunities, certainly he would have appreciated the easy way to contact users of his objects.

crystal white e toyo castiglioni

Lounge-tek was founded, around an idea: to think, to design, to produce, the new objects to achieve people’s needs, in the digital new era.
We wish that tradition meets innovation, increasing the value added of the Italian Artisan, thanks to the new internet opportunity.
We have developed a code of business conduct that reflects the values and experiences handed down from our parents, and the community in which we live: we call it “Made in Ethics”
Respect for the Customer

  • Mounting operations are easy and doesn’t need any particular manual skills.
  • Caring for our customers is a basic part of all our procedures and the focus of our simple organisational model
  • Creating things that improve the quality of life inevitably, means making the human dimension our central priority.
  • Fostering realistic expectations through sincere communications, is the first step towards real customer satisfaction.
  • Communications needs to have a two-way flow: Internet makes it possible to bring customer and manufacturer closer together.

Social Responsability and Territorial values

  • Territorial localisation of production ensures the highest degree of quality control and logistical efficiency.
  •  “Made in Italy” does not only indicate geographical origin, it stands for a whole territorial background of history, culture and expertise.
  • The quest for new products starts with the ability to develop synergies with our partners, making the most of the wealth of productive skills at a local level under the rules of the European Union.
  • A new way of aggregating and integrating different areas which is projected onto the global market through the potential of Internet and innovative logistics.

Respect for the Environment by choosing the right materials and the right business model

  • We use recycled paper and cartboard in order to reduce the environmental impact and to facilitate the disposal of packaging.
  • Our customers’ health is our priority: we use only non-toxic materials that have been cleared as healthy for domestic use.
  • Our constant quest is to develop products that satisfy environmentally friendly criteria.
  • Sustainable development and ecological sensitivity: 100% recyclable products, packaging optimised for more efficient transportation.
  • Lounge Book and Lounge Wood are provided in a mounting kit with optimized weights and dimensions: this mean low transport’s pollution impact.

new pack to reduce volume

  • For all the national and international direct shipping we use UPS, that delivers up to the 99.9% in an accurate and timely way, and, first in Italy we choose, the “Carbon Neutral” mode, which plans to invest a portion of revenues in CO2 compensating activities, such as reforestation. For most of  the national and international direct shipping we use UPS, that delivers up to the 99.9% in an accurate and timely way, and we choose the “Carbon Neutral” mode, which plans to invest a portion of revenues in CO2 compensating activities, such as reforestationMore information on UPS Carbon neutral



A Sustainable Business Model

  • The key manufacturing factor for achieving quality at the right price is simply efficiency
  • Growth is not an absolute priority, and it must be sustainable in terms of the following criteria:
  • Fair pay for suppliers: keeping prices low, must not compromise compliance with regulations, good labour relations or respect for the environment.
  • The commercial productive system must be adequately remunerated, according to the quality of the service offered to customers.
  • The price of the finished product must be according with its real value, without being influenced by market-distorting financial alchemies
Lounge-tek LOGO FACCHINI 150 paddedLounge-book is invented by Lounge-tek
– Patent N° VR2007A000120
– Patent pending US 2011/0232540
– European Patent 20080833603

Lounge-tek srl

P.IVA / VAT Number – IT03722430232 – REA: VR 0360140
Sede Legale / Registered Office – Strada P. Zanoni 11 -37010 Cavaion (Verona) – Italy
Sede Operativa/ Warehouse – Viale Del Lavoro, 3/A 37055 Tombazosana (Verona) – Italy

Tel. +39.348.7733928 – Email: info[at]lounge-tek.com

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